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When sunlight sweeps into my room in the early hours of the morning it's the most pleasant way to wake.

I like vintage clothes and styles. They're interesting. I like to paint in black and white and I love sunsets.

I like reading literature and the work of great poets, and I aspire to persue a career of being a Forensic scientist.


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Fun biology fact the color of a boy’s lips is also the color of the head of his penis

I think about this post a lot

I wonder how many boys have compared their lips to their dicks now 

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i’d date me so why won’t any boys date me

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i can’t even play hard to get i’m already hard to want

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Anonymous said: hi! i was wondering (because of your last post) if you actually are feeling suicidal? if not, what is your stance on suicide? have you in your past felt suicidal at all, if so, how did you overcome those feelings? and what got you to that point?

I just saw this, sorry for the late reply. No, I’m not feeling suicidal, I never have. Suicide is one of the things I believe should be prevented because I don’t think anyone should feel like they want to die or die before they die of natural causes.